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Tahitian Sun

Sea Glass Collection

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The stunning Sea Glass Collection will make you feel as though a part of the Beach is always with you. This (3) pack collection is translucent just like glass found in the ocean and more of a jelly type polish.

These beautiful polishes will give you a very unique look and come in three amazing colors.
- "Sea Glass Green" is the prefect Aquamarine, meaning  "water of the seas". 

- "Sea Glass Blue" is a beautiful Cobalt color. Blue Sea Glass is not only rare when it comes to sea glass but also a favorite among collectors.   

- Sea Glass Violet Blue" is a soft Cornflower Blue. This lighter shade of blue was often used in old medicine bottles and art pieces.

This collection is pure pleasure for Beach Lovers, and is sure to be enjoyed not only during  the summer but year-round as well.


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