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Tahitian Sun

Playful Pastels - Nail Polish Collection

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Money CAN’T buy happiness… but it CAN buy nail polish and that’s pretty much the same thing!

The Playful Pastels Collection is SURE to bring you happiness. The femine colors are subtle enough for every day wear, yet elegant enough to keep a constant smile on your face! They are perfectly playful for any occasion.

You can’t go wrong with these six sugary sweet shades. Whether you decide to stay monochromatic or use your creativity with multiple shades, your nails are sure to feel cheery every day. Their creamy finish will keep you having fun and looking enchanting through all four seasons!

Included are:

Remember, nothing ruins puts a frown on your happy face like dry, cracked cuticles, so make sure you use our Pineapple Cuticle Oil to keep those fingers happy!

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