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Custom Nail Polish

Inspire Your Creativity!

Tahitian Sun was created to help you design your perfect nail polish. Whatever the color or finish may be we're here to assist you in creating a polish that reflects your personal style. Our nail polishes are made the day you order unlike the store polishes that sit on shelves for months at a time loosing their color and shine. We are the only nail polish company that gives you to the options to create the exact color and finish you desire. Our nail polishes are offered in both gloss and matte finishes with the option to mix in one of over 30 different types of solvent resistant glitters to create a truly unique polish that highlights your style. If you can't find  the color you're looking for in our current color selection we can assist you in creating it, see the color matching section to learn more.


Designing Your Nail Polish

We've provided you with a full range of options to design your own nail polish. Start by selecting your desired finish. Tahitian Sun nail polish is offered in a gloss and matte
finish as well as a beautiful shinny Metallic and Neon finish. Next, select your desired colored polish from the existing selection of more than 60 colors. If we don't have the specific color shade you are seeking don't worry, we offer color matching. And the final step is to add an optional mix-in glitter. Mix-in glitters are put right into the polish adding a shimmer and shine to any color. There are thousands of possible color/glitter combinations available and you can truly be guaranteed a one of a kind nail polish that reflects your creativity and style. Top Coat glitters are also available which make a beautiful top finish when applied over any nail polish, or can be applied by themselves over a bare nail. Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours after being received via USPS.  Expected delivery time 5-7 business days.


Color Matching Available!

If you're searching for that perfect nail polish color for an outfit, wedding dress, or other special event and haven't been able to find it, let us help create it for you. We are able to color match from a photo, color swatch, or piece of fabric. Our color match team will work with you to ensure your exact shade is perfect. Email us with questions or details at


Ordering Process for Glitter Polishes

Ordering a mix-in glitter polish is a simple 3-step process.
1. Select your desired Nail Polish Color and Add to Cart.
2. Select your desired Glitter Color and Add to Cart.
3. Checkout. 

The glitter will be added to the color polish and generally shipped same business day. If ordering more than one glitter polish at a time please add the Color and Glitter to the cart in the order you want them mixed.